Keynote Speaker


Alexei A Kornyshev
Professor of Chemical Physics
Department of Chemistry
Imperial College London (University of Science, Technology, and Medicine)



Alexei Kornyshev graduated in 1970 from the Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics with a degree in theoretical nuclear physics. He matured as a scientist at the Frumkin Institute (Acad.Sci.) in Moscow, where he did there his PhD (1974) in Theoretical Physics and DSc in Chemistry (1986), having worked there till 1991. In 1992 he was invited to Research Centre Jülich, Germany, where he then worked for 10 years leading a Theory Division in the Institute for Materials and Processes in Energy Systems, a position combined later with a Professorship of Theoretical Physics at the University of Düsseldorf. In 2002 he took Chair of Chemical Physics at Imperial College. His interests span widely in theoretical condensed matter chemical physics and its application to electrochemistry, biological physics, nanoscience, photonics and energy research, using methods of theoretical physics and computer simulations, and working in close collaboration with experimentalists (in the reported research area – with Profs. J. Edel and A. Kucernak). Recipient of many international and national awards and prizes, he is a Fellow of 5 learned societies, a Member of Royal Danish Academy of Science, and is on editorial boards of several physical and chemical journals.

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