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Conference format: The conference consists of three main formats: Oral, Poster with Soundbite, and Poster. There are no concurrent sessions.

  • Keynote Speakers: 45 min total (40 min+ 5 min Q&A)
  • Invited Speakers: 30 min total (27 min + 3 min of Q&A)
  • Contributed Talks: 15 min total (13 min + 2 min of Q&A)
  • Poster Soundbites: 4 min total and 2 slides of presenting materials (no Q&A). All soundbite presentations must be uploaded by Monday, June 10. To upload your presentation, please log into your submission portal:
  • Posters: All posters must be no wider than 5ft 10” and no taller than 3ft 10”. Foam posters are not recommended. Please note that we do not offer any printing services and all posters must be printed beforehand.

Directions: Please consult for the best way to arrive at MIT.